Too long have we sat idle waiting for the Avatar to return to us. The Avatar
did not build the Church, nor did he protect it by burying it in Midgaard. He
did not raise it from the depths once more when our Church’s golden times were
upon us. It was not the Avatar’s hand that destroyed the zealots of Covenance
in two wars, nor was it his blade that struck down their last Hunt Master.

These were the actions of His children. Lich and non-lich alike, steadfast in
their dedication to His Will and His Church. No longer will we pine for lost
ages and greater times. The time of the lichnee and the Church is now.

Brethren are a branch of the Church of Syrin devoted to the Church and its
original message of tolerance, and celebration of diversity. They also act as
defenders of the Church and the Law of Syrin.

While all lichnee are members of the Church of Syrin, not all lichnee belong to
the Brethren. Brethren eschew other groups and guilds, their piety and fervor
being given freely and wholly to the Church. Their devotion gives them a deeper
connection to Syrin than other lichnee, allowing them to be able to invoke
Syrin in a powerful personal benediction. This connection allows them to
provide counsel and insight, sharing the Church’s teachings with any who wish
to know more. To those dedicated to Syrin who wish to be reborn, they prepare
and guide neophytes into His arms.

Followers of the oldest doctrines of the Church, the Brethren recognize Rhian
as the Mother of Syrin and as the progenitor of the lichnee, therefore they
bear no animosity to those who worship her. The Brethren, especially those
having been twice blessed, realize this too is a gift of Rhian as much as
Syrin. Historically hunted by Tyrin’s Covenant alongside other werecreatures,
the Church was instrumental in the final battle that destroyed Covenance. In
remembrance of the long wars and many battles it took to finally subdue the
beasts of the Covenant, the Brethren remain pledged to protecting the gifts of
Syrin and His mother. They will come to the aid of any similarly gifted person,
regardless of race or religious affiliation, against any who would attempt to
once again forcibly cleanse or destroy werecreatures.

* Brethren will be lichnee.
* Brethren will hold no loyalties to any guild, or clan.
* Brethren will have the approval of two Brethren to join.
* Brethren will have their faith tested and accept Syrin’s Judgement.