Connecting to Dark Risings

  • Step 1 - Download a Client

    There are tons of telnet clients available to download, some of the free ones we like include Wintin 95, Mudlet, MUSHClient and PHudBase (Webclient)

  • Step 2 - Enter your connection info

    SERVER: PORT: 1313
    SERVER: PORT 1313

  • Step 3 - Play and have fun!

    Make sure to read the helpfiles, especially “help rules”


LEGAL mumbo-jumbo: If you are not 18, please do not play this MUD without permission from your parents or legal guardian. If you are the original author of creative works submitted to or used on this MUD, including, but not limited to, Area files, character descriptions, histories, lores, and notes, you are granting permission to the owners and immortals of this MUD to use, publish, copy, alter, or remove said materials without restriction by submitting them to Dark Risings MUD on any of its telnet ports, its website, e-mail, or instant messenger.

Dark Risings is a MUD and all MUDS are sub-cultural in their own way. Because MUDs are not mainstream, and their content is determined second- by-second by the players themselves, there is no way for the admins or anyone else to guarantee nothing here will ever offend you. For this reason and others, Dark Risings, and all other MUDs for that matter, are not suitable for viewing or participation by ANYONE. Parents are advised to block this game using censorship software or, even better, unplug all computers they encounter and throw them into large pools of water, along with any television sets, radios, or books.