The Rules of the Game

See ‘help rules’ in game and the subsection of helpfiles there. Those helpfiles will always be the most current rules in effect and take precedence over any information on the website. For all matters, covered here or not, use common sense. In case of disputes, the interpretation and ruling of the administrative staff is final and binding.

All DR rules are designed to enforce the same concept: play fair, use your head, don’t sneak aces up your sleeve or ruin the game for others. The rules are:

No Roleless PK.
No Character Crossing.
No Multikill.
No Griefing.
No Script Abuse.
No Alt Revealing.

No Multiplay.
No Hoarding.
No Latelog Attacks.
No [+] Abuse.
No Character Sharing.
Don’t Be a Jackass.

Note that the penalty for breaking a rule will not always be exactly the same in every case. We take many things into account, such as: how much damage the rule breaking has caused, whether breaking the rule was intentional or accidental, if the offender has a history of other rules violations, etc. Other useful help files: [latelog], [etiquette], [psteal], [RP], [clarification], [FAQ], [respect], [mudsex], [griefing], [reincarnation].