The craft of the mage is one of intense dedication to the forces of magic. Only the mage truly understands the concept of pure magic and seeks to bend it to his will. Two areas in particular make the mage unique in his craft, the ability to draw upon the pure elemental powers and the ability to imbue objects and weapons with pure magical force. Magecraft is a serious discipline requiring years of dedicated study and focus of the mind, hence one should not expect to be equally adept in physical prowess.

-Palone, Guildmaster of the Mages

Unique Mage Abilities: recharge, enchant weapon, enchant armor, flame blade, winter blast, flashfire, thunderclap, water bolt, acid blast, and gas breath.

Mage Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Int, +1 to Wis

A cleric’s magic is derived entirely from the gift of her god. Without faith and devotion, a cleric is powerless for easily might her god forsake her. Always should a cleric devote her power not to her own desire, but to that of her deity. To that end, most of the gifts granted her are focused upon healing and defense. But think not a cleric to be easy prey, for when the pure force of any god smote upon the enemy is not a force to be taken lightly.

-Caliver, Guildmaster of the Clerics

Unique Cleric Abilities: minor heal, major heal, mass heal, spiritual hammer, cure poison, cure disease, cure blind, remove curse, flamestrike, smite, wrath, blood cool, restore limb, holy word, calm, and resurrect.

Cleric Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Wis, +1 to Int

How can one study magic? To view magic as operating within rules it to view magic as having limits. The wildmage seeks beyond the paltry boundaries imposed by classical learning, viewing magic as an art rather than a science. Hence the wildmage experiments with the unknown, constantly creating. At times, this is wildly successful, producing effects of great power. And of course, at other times, the wildmage may call down adverse terrors upon himself. One famous wildmage once said, “Remember when your big brother whacked you with your own hand and chanted ‘Stop hitting yourself?’ That is what it is to be a wildmage.”

-Eronius, Guildmaster of the Wildmages

Unique Wildmage Abilities: wild aura, wild shield, wild enhance, wild summon, chaos demon, chaotic dispersal, wildfire, wild heal, and vanish.

Wildmage Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Int, +1 to Dex