Rhian and Tyrin took Syrin to meet Moran and Yana and their eleven children. Syrin took an instant interest in the couple’s young children. Tyrin and Rhian saw this and thought that things would be better. Syrin spent several days walking and talking with the couple’s children. Moran and Yana left them with Syrin, knowing that Rhian and Tyrin would let no harm come to their children. Syrin learned all the animals’ names. He experimented with his powers in games he played with the children. K’yesh, the oldest, he took aside and made his ears longer and pointed and gave him vision of the night like that of the tiger. They played long into the night games of tag and stalking. The next day Syrin took the second son, Moiran, and gave him wings like a bird. All that day they played spying games and games of strategy. The third day he took aside the third son, Oggrish, and made him three times the size of the other children, making him muscular and distorting his facial features into a grotesque picture of what he used to be. All the third day they played games of monsters and victims. As the days progressed he changed each of the children except the youngest, Kiyanne. Syrin watched as the children played the games he taught them and he smiled a cold, lifeless smile to himself.

-from the Tales of Creation

Kine are humans in every way shape or form but over the years the Vampire name for human (kine) has caught on among the general population. They have no special talents or attributes as many of the other races do, however they are much more versatile and are well suited for any class.

Base Stats – Strength: 23 Intelligence: 23 Wisdom: 23 Dexterity: 23 Constitution: 23

Merfolk are a human-like race which has adapted to life in or beside water. Silver hair and a blue complexion are the common traits of the merpeople, as is their ability to swim easily through deep water which any other race would need a boat to navigate. Their ease in the water is not evident on the earth, however, and they are considerably less agile on ground than humans. Merfolk are raised to value meditation, which probably explains their typically high intelligence. While not quite as versatile as humans, merfolk as a rule find themselves quite capable in most classes. The exception is necromancy, which many merfolk find distasteful, and the woods-based ranger class.

The largest merfolk settlement in Rhia is the Merfolk Lagoon in the Coral Ocean.

Base Stats – Strength: 23 Intelligence: 24 Wisdom: 23 Dexterity: 21 Constitution: 23

Draconians are huge dragon-like humanoids. Exactly how draconians are related to dragons is unclear. Some say draconians are descended from dragons; others suggest that dragons are in fact draconians themselves who simply choose never to revert to the draconian form. Like dragons, draconians have a wide range of colours to their scaly skin, from red to green to black to gold and everything in between. Some draconians possess wings or even horns, but others are more kine in looks (aside from the scales). While draconians are easily as tall as ogres, they are not so strong, and they are also quite agile for such a large race. Draconians naturally recover both strength and mana quickly, and those who can learn to tap into innate fast healing and meditation skills do so with ease. Draconians can resist extreme heat easily, yet they are sensitive enough to heat patterns to have permanent infravision. Draconians have acute hearing, making them vulnerable to loud sounds. Naturally, this makes them poor bards, but draconians are excellent warriors, mages, druids, wildmages, and warlocks; their tendency towards vicious brutality makes them poor clerics and templars. Although draconians do make good rangers, they find ranger training very hard to master. Draconians don’t make good psionicists or monks, because both these classes emphasize only the mind or the body; draconians excel when the two are blended. Like ogres, draconians are strong enough to wield two-handed weapons in just one huge hand.

The draconian stronghold in Rhia is the Dragon Tower.

Base Stats – Strength: 24 Intelligence: 24 Wisdom: 20 Dexterity: 23 Constitution: 23