The craft of the mage is one of intense dedication to the forces of magic. Only the mage truly understands the concept of pure magic and seeks to bend it to his will. Two areas in particular make the mage unique in his craft, the ability to draw upon the pure elemental powers and the ability to imbue objects and weapons with pure magical force. Magecraft is a serious discipline requiring years of dedicated study and focus of the mind, hence one should not expect to be equally adept in physical prowess.

-Palone, Guildmaster of the Mages

Unique Mage Abilities: recharge, enchant weapon, enchant armor, flame blade, winter blast, flashfire, thunderclap, water bolt, acid blast, and gas breath.

Mage Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Int, +1 to Wis

A cleric’s magic is derived entirely from the gift of her god. Without faith and devotion, a cleric is powerless for easily might her god forsake her. Always should a cleric devote her power not to her own desire, but to that of her deity. To that end, most of the gifts granted her are focused upon healing and defense. But think not a cleric to be easy prey, for when the pure force of any god smote upon the enemy is not a force to be taken lightly.

-Caliver, Guildmaster of the Clerics

Unique Cleric Abilities: minor heal, major heal, mass heal, spiritual hammer, cure poison, cure disease, cure blind, remove curse, flamestrike, smite, wrath, blood cool, restore limb, holy word, calm, and resurrect.

Cleric Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Wis, +1 to Int

The discipline of the monk is the discipline of the body. The monk dedicates his body to his god and in doing so becomes a physical tool for his god in the mortal world. The monk so hones his body to the martial arts that he uses no weapons other than his hands. Truly no other can compare to his skill in hand to hand combat. Some magics are also granted to the monk by his god in order to more perfectly protect and enhance his physical form.

-Chian, Guildmaster of the Monks

Unique Monk Abilities: palm block, dragon punch, buddha palm, crane kick, armthrow, and vital strike.

Monk Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Dex, +1 to Wis

The warrior is the most skilled of all fighter classes. Perhaps she is not the strongest nor the most versed in magics nor the swiftest, but she combines all of these skills to form the sharpest possible weapon. Warriors have traditionally served as the backbone of the peoples of Rhia as protectors, guards, soldiers, or mercenaries. The warrior dedicates herself always to a code of honor, hospitality, and comradeship.

-Glod, Guildmaster of the Warriors

Warrior Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Str, +1 Dex

The barbarian walks the straightest path of pure force. Do not think when you can act, do not negotiate when you can hit, do not open what you can bash. Pure combat is the life of the barbarian. His entire being is felt behind the force of his blow. By far the most accomplished of the fighting classes, he is also the least diverse. Barbarians are believed to be dumb and while this is often the case it is not always. The barbarian simply prefers his method and excels at it.

-Grog, Guildmaster of the Barbarians

Unique Barbarian Abilities: Fifth attack and rage.

Barbarian Attribute Bonuses: +2 Con, +1 Str

The maze of the mind is the realm of the psionicist. With training and concentration, she can easily bend her mind or the mind of her opponent to her will. The dedicated psionicist can use her abilities to both for defensive and offensive purposes. By exploiting the link between her mind and body, a psionicist can heal damage and expel poisons, but only on her own form. Thus, the life of the psionicist is often solitary. While able to enhance their own bodies for defense, a psionicist is, however, quite lacking in direct combat abilities. To be punched by a psionicist is not unlike being tickled by a butterfly.

-Veramin, Guildmaster of the Psionicists

Unique Psi Abilities: infliction, psychic crush, psionic blast, mind blast, forget, headache, mind whip, psi blade, psychic heal, psychic field, warp time, and awe.

Psionicist Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Int, +1 to Con

A druid is a student of the natural world and harnesses the magics that flow from the earth and all living things. In most druids, this translates to a deep love for the natural world. Since the druid understands the importance of balance in nature, he may work towards one goal this year and against it the next. While possessing some fighting ability, the druid is primarily magical in nature and possesses an impressive arsenal of natural magics.

-Iridius, Guildmaster of the Druids

Unique Druid Abilities: nature’s wrath, and summon animal.

Druid Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Wis, +1 to Dex

Rangers are the warriors of the natural world. A ranger supplements her fighting skills with a deep understanding of living things and balance. A ranger may serve as a protector of the forests or a guide through the deserts. Calling upon the living world, a ranger may call up the earth to bring down her opponent or perform limited feats of magic. Rangers may also wield two weapons and take up the trade of archery.

-Arin, Guildmaster of the Rangers

Unique Ranger Abilities: entangle, dual wield, and fletching.

Ranger Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Wis, +1 to Str

Ah, the clever rogue; sneak, spy, thief, and pickpocket, the rogue is adept at getting what he wants without confrontation or force. The rogue possesses a wide range of skills but is only truly a specialist in few. He relies upon the quickness of his body and his tongue and upon being unseen by his enemies. By sneaking silently upon an opponent unawares, he can initiate a fierce attack while the back is turned. Of course, due to the rather unsavory reputation of the rogue, he may find he has enemies even before he has turned his eye to a fat purse.

-Hara, Guildmaster of the Rogues

Unique Rogue Abilities: steal, poison dagger, and backstab.

Rogue Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Dex, +1 to Con

The bard is a master of entertainment. She may specialize in song, story, instrument, dance, juggling or any other feat limited only by her own imagination. Throughout her travels she will have dabbled in a variety of trades, a touch of magic, a flash of swordplay, a pinch of theft, but her true calling is to her art. Through her skill she can influence her audience to her desires. Many a bard can expect to be welcomed with warm hospitality while just as many can count on her mischievous reputation preceding her.

-Dorian, Guildmaster of the Bards

Unique Bard Abilities: battle sorrow, battlecry, battle wail, deathsong, pinch, inspire, soothe, echoes of power.

Bard Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Dex, +1 to Int

How can one study magic? To view magic as operating within rules it to view magic as having limits. The wildmage seeks beyond the paltry boundaries imposed by classical learning, viewing magic as an art rather than a science. Hence the wildmage experiments with the unknown, constantly creating. At times, this is wildly successful, producing effects of great power. And of course, at other times, the wildmage may call down adverse terrors upon himself. One famous wildmage once said, “Remember when your big brother whacked you with your own hand and chanted ‘Stop hitting yourself?’ That is what it is to be a wildmage.”

-Eronius, Guildmaster of the Wildmages

Unique Wildmage Abilities: wild aura, wild shield, wild enhance, wild summon, chaos demon, chaotic dispersal, wildfire, wild heal, and vanish.

Wildmage Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Int, +1 to Dex

A warlock devotes her studies of magic almost entirely to the arts of war. She is even moderately skilled at physical combat. Her spells are designed to ravage and torment her opponent in a myriad of ways. A warlock can also force the followers of her opponent to betray their master. As the name suggests, a warlock is often entirely devoted to the purpose of making war and peace does not sit well with her. Most warlocks exhibit a flair for brutality in their personalities as well as their skills.

-Parm, Guildmaster of the Warlocks

Unique Warlock Abilities: sorrow, chaos, torment, ravage, and betray.

Warlock Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Int, +1 to Str

The necromancer uses his magics to peer past the veil that separates the realm of the living from the realm of the dead. Whether it is draining the life from the living or imbuing energy into the dead, the necromancer is constantly traveling the path most would shun. What makes a man seek the answers to these mysteries varies, some seek foreknowledge of the future, others seek immortality. Many in the realms look upon the necromancer as dirty or evil. Some guilds of the land even refuse his comradeship. But such is the price of those who would knowingly cross the veil and it is hard to blame others if they do not wish to tolerate the smell.

-The Mortician, Guildmaster of the Necromancers

Unique Necromancer abilities: lifetap, blister, decay, fester, atrophy, scry, animate dead, shadowstep, shield of skulls, wither limb, and harm touch.

Necromancer Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Int, +1 to Wis

Templar knights are holy crusaders who fight tirelessly for their chosen deity. These holy knights often take a solemn vow to keep themselves free from taint, and so are able to resist curses, diseases, and other afflictions which befall lesser men. Although their healing powers are minor compared to clerics, they have the power to ordain like-minded believers, granting exceptional vitality. Templars are skilled with many weapons, and their skill with the spear is so great that any Templar can wield the largest spear in just one hand, with sufficient practice. Yet the most powerful weapon in the Templar arsenal is their ability to call on the holy power of their gods to drive their enemies to their knees, burning them alive as they are harrowed to the bone.

Unique Templar Abilities: create rose, judgment, celestial spear, inquisition, ordain, harrow, lay on hands, purify, solemn vow.

Templar Attribute Bonuses: +2 to Con, +1 to Wis