Monday Funday – 8/7/17

[135] Dijj: Monday Funday: Hide and Seek and who knows what else?! (QUEST)
Thu Aug 3 20:47:29 2017
To: all

Hello! So I’ve noticed that everyone’s portaling
and gating around town to find out what Blake did
on the Rainbow Bridge. You all also seem a little
confused about the location of the shadow grove,
so there’s just one thing to do about all this.

Hide and Seek – Head Builder Edition.

My version of hide and seek is a little different.
I tell you exactly where I am, and you try to find
me. Seems super simple and easy and fun, right?

I’m even going to give you a heads up on where I’ll
be hiding. Everyplace will be connected to the Plains
north of Arinock, or the forest west of Arinock. One
or two will be in/around Arinock itself.

PS: No historians allowed.
OOC: Quest will be Monday, 8/7 at 8pm. Hope to see you
there, you never know what else might pop up!

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