“Espy” is a verb meaning “to see, to catch sight of”. True to this name,
the members of Espy devote themselves to discovery, exploration, analysis,
and documentation of the world of Rhia, setting foot in the far corners of
the realm in order to write maps, field guides, and other works.

Just above Esme’s Inn and Tavern, the Hall of Espy holds and extensive
collection of field guides to some of the most dangerous lands in Rhia.
Designed for the experienced traveller, they provide detailed information
on how to successfully nagivate the land. Several maps are also available
for areas known to be difficult to nagivate.

Espy will also accept commissioned work from others. Commissions are
arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Members of Espy must be willing to leave their beliefs and politics at the
door to better focus on their work. They have both a curiosity to explore
where word-of-mouth fails to speak about, and the abilities necessary to
navigate a location and unravel its secrets. Finally, to share what they’ve
found to the rest of the world, they must be reasonably skilled in writing.

For those wishing a life focused on sharing what the realm has to offer:

1. Pen a scroll introducing yourself to the clan and requesting to join.
Send this scroll to Espy.

2. Provide a writing sample: Describe an area of your choice, its appealing
qualities, its hazards, and other notable qualities. Please limit your
sample to no more than three paragraphs.

3. Receive the endorsement of two members of Espy.