Arcaenum, often referred to simply as ‘the Circles’, is a society of like-
minded scholars and magical artisans. An extremely secretive and exclusive
society, Arcaenum prides itself on studying the complexities of magical thought
and experience, their great works sealed in the Arcaenum vaults, free from the
prying eyes of the public. Arcaenum believes in the idea that magic exists
throughout Rhia, taking form in both white magic and the dark arts.

A common belief held by the Scholars, that a balance between both light and
dark magic is necessary, holds the Circles together through interaction,
cooperation, discussion, and argument. The scholars spend their days deep in
thought and experiment, crowding Rhia’s libraries to learn more about their
craft, and putting their own theories to the test.

Those seeking the life of Arcaenum must possess the following attributes:

I. Class
Because the Circles are so dedicated to the magical arts, they rarely accept a
scholar not already well versed in the magicks. Arcaenum requires that all
seekers be of a magically oriented class: Cleric, Druid, Mage, Necromancer,
Psionicist, Warlock, and Wild Mage. Bards and Templars are accepted as long
as they display a dedicated magical nature. It is extremely unlikely that
a Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue, Monk, or Warrior will be accepted to Arcaenum.

II. Proficiency
The Circles believe that in order to become a true master of the magicks, one
must be fully proficient in the magicks his or her class is already versed in.
Those who seek Arcaenum must have fully finished their training, and be prepared
to dedicate themselves fully to their studies. Exceptions to this rule may be
made though special considerations.

III. Knowledge
Scholars are dedicated to being knowledgeable in both magic and Rhia itself.
They must be able to display strong knowledge of Rhia’s complexities, including
areas, historical lore, characteristics of items found throughout the lands, and
basic survival skills. An applicant need not have strong combat skills, but an
ability to protect Arcaenum guild relics is a must for those who strive to
attain them.

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