Crimson Rain

Originally started as a mercenary army across the Dragon Sea, the Order
of the Crimson Rain is a military guild made up of respected nobles and
vassals. Also known simply as ‘the Order’ or ‘the Bloody Rain,’ Crimson
Rain is made up of several different Houses, most of which were named for
their founding patriarchs and which are widely known for their diverse
talents on the field of battle.

Often portrayed as evil nobility, the history of Crimson Rain is painted in
the blood of those who stood in its way. Because of its violent nature,
only the most skilled warriors and tacticians are embraced into its ranks.

The Order of Crimson Rain is currently led by Field Marshal Davkul Ardarion
of House Verinath. Disrespecting him will earn Rapture upon your head.

The Order has four requirements to join its ranks:

* Declare your intentions to join The Order in both scroll and banner.
Your scroll should include an introduction and the House you wish to
join should you be accepted as a recruit. Final House positioning
follows no set procedure.

* Provide a penned work of lore giving the entire Order a look into your
mind of your most exciting battle. Details of this battle are expected,
and the outcome does bear some weight.

* A book of lore of the Crimson Rain has been included in the local library
along with a summary of all current Houses. You must familiarize
yourself with its contents.

* Finally, receive two vouches from current members of The Order. These
vouches will allow you to join as a recruit provided you can prove
yourself sufficiently able in combat. The tasks assigned to gain vouches
are often violent and are not for the faint of heart.

The Crimson Rain does not take irresolute recruits. Seekers who treat the
seeking process lightly may find themselves without a scalp.