The guild of Dawning is dedicated to helping others, and this above
anything is the first mission of the Dawn. Following the path walked first
by the Kindred, Dawning believes that the truest way to help others is
to teach them to help themselves. Our lessons help acquaint the new and
inexperienced to our land in terms of geography, history, culture, and
survival, and they are centered around helping others build a foundation
for personal success and prosperity in Rhia.

To join with the Dawn, one must put aside one’s own personal gains for
those of others, and this takes both great sacrifice and deep humility.
Only those whose character reflects a true commitment to these principles
will be admitted, and while Dawning welcomes members of all races and
religions, following that path means placing these ideals above all other

For some, Dawning is a lifelong calling, promising the life of teaching,
learning, and service. For others, it is a stop along a longer journey,
a place to learn and grow before pursuing another interest or discovering
that interest in the service to the Dawn. So long as while you walk among
them you honor the life of service and learning and follow the expectations
that entails, all are welcome to follow the paths of Dawning, regardless of
where you expect your ultimate path to take you.

In order to join Dawning, one must follow the Path to the Dawn:

* Be sure that your training is at least half done.

* Make yourself familiar with the public scrolls of Dawning.

* Send us a letter about who you are and why you would like to join us
in serving those new to Rhia. You should do this before putting your
intent to seek in your banner!

* Speak with Dawning members, so that we can get to know you, understand
your intentions, and test your determination.

* Meet with the mortal leaders of Dawning. Be prepared to answer
questions regarding the things you’ve learned while walking the Path to
the Dawn, and to prove yourself worthy of joining the kindred.