Groth’s Merry Band o’ Mayhem

The Merry Band o’ Mayhem is a multi-purpose clan working to provide the realms
with a source of organized combat activities. Its primary work is to entertain
the realms with a stable of both professional fighters as well as trainees who
will participate in public, realm-wide competitions, Mayhem-sponsored events
and private internal bouts.

Under normal circumstances, at least one member of Mayhem will strive to take
bets on any larger scale event that is held. These bets are intended to drive
interest in events and organized brawling as a whole, as well as help fund
Mayhem as an organization through a 10.75% cut they hold back from all betting
pools. This gold will be used to directly compensate the fighters, so they are
encouraged to promote interest in any affiliated events, as overall pot growth
directly benefits their own pockets. In addition to gold, members will earn
clan standing in each event they participate in which will be used to earn
ranks, perks and prestige.

The Merry Band o’ Mayhem is also available to the realm for paid contract work.
Security is our specialty, but most tasks outside of murder for hire can be
considered. Contract work can be turned down for any reason.

Anyone born in Rhia with their own beating heart in their chest is welcome to
apply. Applicants will need to get the vouch from Groth and one other member
of the Merry Band to gain entry. Assigned actual tasks may vary from person to

Despite the restrictions on who can join, those without beating hearts or from
other realms of existence are allowed to participate in events Mayhem holds,
but may be bound to some restrictions.