Quest Night Change and New Art!

Good Morning!

To start, I’d like to post a big announcement that went up in game last night:

[114] Vaemon: Quest Night Change
Sun Jan 21 21:14:51 2018
To: all
Good Evening –

I’ve talked with most of our folks that log on regularly and many who
are around less frequently in order to try and make as much of an
informed decision as possible. So, starting this week…

Quests will be held on Wednesdays at 8:30pm game time going forward.

This will hopefully help us keep as many people involved amidst changing
schedules with the new year.

If you have any story ideas you want to see thrown into the mix, as always,
please don’t hesitate to send a note to imm and talk to me!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know!

The Staff

Following up with this, be sure to check out the Artwork page to see the latest from Andy Lyons -Lord Churlwin, Marksman of Trung!

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