Updates – Website and Plot

We’ve updated our presence all around the web in the last couple weeks during the tail end of our February Let’s Mud win, and that’s now carried over to our homepage. The Staff of Dark Risings wants to thank the players and admins of the r/MUD Subreddit for all of their time and support and hope to see many of you around in game!

We are a bit more than a month into our 2018 story and there are a number of loose threads out there for mortals to tug on – so please feel free!

Tentatively, our quest schedule for the rest of March looks like this:

Wednesday 3/7 – Round Robin PK Event (Hosted by Mayhem)
Wednesday 3/14 – Story Quest
Wednesday 3/21 – Story Quest
Wednesday 3/28 – Story Quest

Please remember that all quest times are 8:30pm game time (Central)!

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